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Adorn Online, Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise seeking sustainable solutions to long-term problems of poverty through capacity-building and increasing access to markets for artisans. Promoting social development through crafts and fair trade, ADORN helps provide work to artisans living in some of the most deprived, rural and urban spaces of Pakistan. With an emphasis upon the communities of Pakistan and support for marginalised groups, particularly women, ADORN works with a network of non-profit organizations, producers and artisans to source hand-made, high quality craft work at fair prices. Adorn has set up an E Store which serves as a platform for marketing both locally and internationally and helps spread awareness about the exquisite work being done by Pakistani artisans.

The concept of ADORN was born from a passion for eastern art, craft and design, and a belief in supporting ethical business. ADORN is a social enterprise which strives to support individual artisans, as well as non-profit organizations, which promote unusual craftsmanship and local artistic talent based on traditional handicrafts of the area. Often, projects of real social worth lapse due to lack of opportunities to effectively market their crafts. Individual artisans who are unable to support themselves through their trades are forced into menial jobs due to a lack of any other income opportunity. Even when they persist in their field, these artisans are frequently exploited for their craft and receive little return for the painstaking work that they produce, with the majority of the share going to middlemen.

Many of these rare and exquisite products rarely reach ethical buyers in the market because of the inherent difficulties of sourcing them directly from the communities that produce them. It is common knowledge that in today’s globalized world, often the poorest of communities are vulnerable to exploitation by wholesalers, harsh working conditions and child labor. Non-profit organizations working to improve people’s lives and impart relevant skills training often cannot market the product directly to an ethical buyer without using a wholesaler. Adorn’s goal is to bridge this gap in a fair and equitable manner, allowing the artisan to receive good pay for the work they produce and also work in a safe and supportive environment. It is for this reason that Adorn reaches out to organizations working at the grassroots level, imparting training and skills to artisans in their area, which helps reinvent traditional crafts, allowing them to suit modern market demands.

ADORN believes in supporting and nurturing the work of artisans. Its product-line is a fusion of East and West, a look that will showcase the work of the craftsman, whilst retaining elements of style and simplicity. 

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