The Ra’anaLiaquat Craftsmen’s Colony was founded in 1954 and is located in the Shah Faisal Colony in Karachi and has been working in the field of women’s development since then. The focus of their projects is on education, training and income generation. The colony has served as a community centre offering many different services to women of the area including housing a health clinic, a primary school and a vocational training institute. Their goal is to empower women through awareness of important issues as well as increased access to work opportunities. The RLCC is affiliated with All Pakistan Women’s Association. Adorn works with the artisans at RLCC to promote products that they make including potholders, newspaper gift bags and tea cozies. Adorn also outsources quilt production work to the artisans at RLCC. For more information, please visit


Community World Service Asia is a humanitarian and development organization, registered in Pakistan, headquartered in Karachi and implementing initiatives throughout Asia. We aim to address factors that divide people by promoting inclusiveness, shared values, diversity, and interdependence. Respecting the right to choose how to live, we work with marginalized communities to overcome the impacts of inequalities and lead peaceful, dignified and resilient lives. Adorn works with the artisans of CWSA based in Thar district in Sindh in traditional embroidery and mirror work which is incorporated into our products as well as works on facilitating larger scale international orders with CWSA. For more information, please visit


NOWPDP was established in 2008 as a disability inclusion initiative and operates in the areas of education and economic empowerment through its dedicated programs, Dastoor and Yaqeeen, and other interventions/steps to inclusion. NOWPDP’s mandate focuses on capacity building at an individual, institutional and societal level; raising awareness about challenges faced by persons with disabilities; advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities; and facilitating opportunities for economic empowerment of persons with disabilities. For more information, please visit‬‬‬‬‬‬‬


Established in 2000, IRC aims to be a key player providing replicable models for integrated social and economic development in Pakistan. From an initial focus on building capacity of local community organisations and education for girls, it has developed a comprehensive programme around rural development, including income generation, democracy, empowerment of the poor, disaster relief and recovery and advocacy support. Adorn works closely with Khazana aims at skills enhancement, income generation and promotion of handicrafts for the artisan community that they support in Khairpur. For more information, please visit


Women Entrepreneurship Project is an initiative by DIL to develop the skills of females from underprivileged areas and make them successful entrepreneurs. Skilled females from a small area of Orangi town produce these artifacts (napkins, tray cloth etc.) to earn their living. This project is financially supported by Akhuwat – a not for profit institute providing interest free microfinance to the poor to enhance their standard of living.


Adorn works with a cluster of women artisans that are based in Khairpur. These ladies work under the directive of a team leader who is given the responsibility of collection, distribution and dispensing of payments to the women artisans in the area. Adorn sends all the specifications to the Head of the cluster who then analyses the work and distributes it according to the skill level of the women artisans. At the time of collection of the finished product, the women are then paid through the team leader. This ensures the smooth working of our orders since the team leader takes responsibility for the orders and has records of who is given what work.